Breaking Ground on a New Home Design ½ Hour – 6 Episodes


Presenting fantastic, crazy architectural details from residences of MUSIC STARS who “...just had this idea." And the colorful designers & builders who contributed to making that idea a reality. HOMEFX, a high production value 1/2 HR.

Show Concept

Upscale home design show presents complex architectural effects ("FX") often involving mechanical moving components...and always challenging to fabricate and install. Homeowners, architects, designer/builders, engineers, subcontractors are the CO-STARS and supporting characters in HOMEFX. The STAR of each episode is the FX: over-the-top projects transforming a HOME into a unique, dazzling showcase of high-end design innovation.

As an additional hook, HOMEFX goes inside the homes of A-List MUSIC TALENT, whose crazy design artistry is as original as their professional artistry. HOMEFX won’t present these A-list stars (unless they wish) just access to their homes-- sharing their design sense and desire to creating something over-the-top in their homes, with our broader audience-- their HOMEFX is the star! [think CRIBS 2.0]

In an un-hosted 1/2 HR, HOMEFX uses documentary style narrative: ON CAMERAS and ENTERTAINING CINEMATIC SEQUENCES tell each FX story.

“God is in the details” – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

“The drama is in the detailed interaction between our characters, as these amazing projects come to life” – Producers Michael Kerr and Karl Lautman


  • A river runs through it: in a Seattle mansion, a natural river under glass flows beneath a living room floor...

  • In Hawaii a MBDRM bed moves on hidden floor tracks, cantilevers out over a waterfall...

  • a 2 ton glass wall elevates to turn an exterior pool deck into a party room; so LA!

[DISCLOSURE: Country Western legend WAYLON SEARS is just a fictitious placemarker; WE’LL BOOK EACH EPISODE W/ A REAL STAR]

Produced By

Michael Kerr

Writer/Producer Michael Kerr’s career began early, writing on Emmy winning series (HILL STREET BLUES, MIAMI VICE, and thirtysomething), as well as independent films. Establishing The Michael Kerr Company under a TV development/production deal at Fox, his work continued as a script doctor on feature films, including ACADEMY AWARD winner “THE READER” & “THE SOLOIST.” Over the past 15 years Michael has expanded into documentaries and reality TV, creating and producing many shows for cable and syndication including MARLBORO DAYS IN PRAGUE, the home design show RENOVATION NATION (BRAVO), CANNES: CINEMA & 9/11, and MADE IN CHINA. He was nominated for an Emmy for “THE MEN’S ROOM” (Lifetime). Michael’s passion for design is also fueled by designing/building houses and his hobby as a furniture maker.

Karl Lautman

Producer Karl Lautman comes to reality television production after a successful, 20+ year career in the technology industry.  As a marketing consultant, he performed strategic assignments for such well-known companies as Oracle, Motorola, and AutoDesk, as well as many startups.  Since 2001, Karl has pursued a similarly successful career as a sculptor, focusing on kinetic, electromechanical, computer-controlled pieces.  His work has been shown domestically and internationally, and can be found in private, public, and corporate collections.  With a background in technology and fine art, and hands-on experience with both traditional and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, Karl can illuminate even the most arcane architectural details, practically and aesthetically.

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Learn what's involved in developing a reality show from scratch. Will we succeed? At this point, we don't even know; you'll find out when we do.

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